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The wheels of justice never stop turning at Markiewicz Law.
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Fighting For You Every Step Of The Way


Outstanding Representation

“After handling my divorce 17 months earlier, I found myself requiring representation due to my ex-husband demanding visitation/custody changes. I immediately went back to Julianne as she had provided excellent representation in my divorce. She again helped me see my options logically and weigh out the best route for me to pursue according to my goals in our case. I was very happy with the outcome of our case and still have full physical custody of my girls!”


Employment Severance

“Not only did Julie provide exceptional legal advice she also did so in a manner that was very thoughtful and respectful to the stress I was under. From the start she was active in my case. I never had to wait more then a day to get a response to my questions and concerns and she worked tirelessly to ensure that I receive optimal resolution. Her work was strategic and measured…”


Working for the Client

“My experience with Julianne was outstanding. Julianne was sure I looked at all of my options logically when I was experiencing personal turmoil. With her vast law knowledge, Julianne was committed to ensuring my daughters and I were taken care of both financially and emotionally. I have never had need to secure a lawyer prior to this experience but was thankfully referred to Julianne from a friend. I sincerely believe I picked the most comprehensive lawyer in the Twin Cities area and will use Julianne for all my legal needs in the future.”


Sage Counsel in Employment Negotiation

” I hired Julianne to help me negotiate an exit package from my employer after my position had been eliminated. Although the initial offer from the company was pretty good, and I had very little leverage, Julianne was able to help me greatly improve the offer. She was responsive, knowledgeable and her counsel was fantastic. “


Great support

“Julianne helped me through a very challenging and emotional post divorce decree situation. She gave excellent counsel and guidance through every step. I was so thankful to have her on my “side” to support me. She is very knowledgeable about the law and explains things in a way I understood. 5 stars for sure!”


Simply the Best!

“Ms. Markiewicz was recommended to me by an opposing attorney who described her as “tough and smart!” Now that I have had the pleasure of working with her, I would add that she is an excellent writer, strong advocate and good communicator. Julianne patiently explained the divorce process with respect and compassion, even when I would ask the same questions repeatedly. She extended a hand of hope at a dark time in my life. Julianne is especially competent, having experienced a divorce herself, she understands the female perspective. I just can’t say enough good about Julianne and her staff. I thank God for placing Julianne in my life.”

-Cindy K.

Best attorney in the Twin Cities!

“Julianne handled my custody/child support case. She’s a heavy hitter and is sure to please! From the beginning, she was confident in my case. She took the time to listen to me and was able to make the best plan of action. She really cares about her clients and makes them feel that they are her only client. The father of my child was a narcissist and she understood the character she was dealing with and was able to work out a deal that protected my child as well as made a visitation schedule that made sense. The other party and their attorney were disrespectful and unreasonable and she was able to defuse the situation to a more professional and realistic outcome. She is willing to work with payment as she understands that life isn’t always easy. I would recommend Julianne to anyone. She is absolutely the best and I couldn’t be more pleased with her services. Her paralegal is also wonderful. She is organized and extremely responsive to all of my questions. Hire Julianne, you won’t be disappointed.”


The Best

“I could not be happier with Julianne Markiewicz! She has handled my child custody case for several months and has done a stellar job. Julianne genuinely cares about her clients, she undoubtedly has my child’s best interest in the forefront of her mind. The second I retained Julianne as my attorney, she called me and guided me through the process; she let me know what her goals were, what she needed me to do and how to proceed. She responded to my calls promptly and was loaded with helpful information every time. Her billing is very descriptive, honest and fair. Julianne’s experience shines in the courtroom, she’s bright, she’s action-packed, and she’s well-prepared for curveballs. Julianne is a winner and I’m blessed to have her on my side.”


#1 attorney

“Julianne was able to help me when my ex-husband refused to pay full child support over the previous 7 years. I was so nervous about going back to court, but Julianne was calm, supportive and very efficient with the process. I appreciated her sense of humor and making me feel as if I was the only important thing going on in her practice and life when she was dealing with my case. We were able to win big in court! I later dealt with harassing behavior and damage to physical property and Julianne was very effective in getting a Harassment Restraining Order for me and proceeded to help me with the city taking action and pressing charges. She gives 100% to her clients but is now a trusted friend.”


Hard charging ~ Client Focused ~ Smart & Aggressive “Baller”

“Julianne advised me every step of the way during a recent contentious employment matter. She offered spot-on advice, helped me devise and craft my negotiation strategy, and was calm throughout the storm. She DOUBLED my settlement. There is no one I would trust more to handle legal matters on my behalf. I refer to everyone I know!”


5 STARS for Julianne!

” I was very nervous about file for a divorce, even though I talked to her about it 4 years earlier. It was something I had to do. She was so reassuring and kept me totally informed every step of the way. She returned my calls and emails very promptly and was/is friendly and seemed concerned about me. Divorces are expensive….but she was very thorough and made sure that I was getting all that I was entitled to. I felt confident that she would do a good job! “



“Julie is an excellent attorney. From the moment I met her, I knew that I was in GREAT hands. Getting divorced was hard and she made it easy for me by explaining everything. She is a great listener. When it came time to go to Court, she rocked!”


“It’s imperative to find the best lawyer around. Well you found her. She helped me stand up and fight for what I deserved when I had nothing left in me to fight. She took all my worries away within the first 2 minutes of meeting her and helped me get custody and child support. When I felt defeated she assured me consistently that I need not worry. She was overly professional and down to business…no jokes…no dinking around. Thanks Julianne.”


“Julianne is extremely professional, explains the process in a way that makes sense, and will do whatever it takes to advocate for you. Her years of experience make her incredibly knowledgeable and she can anticipate curveballs and respond to unanticipated curveballs in ways others cannot.”


“Julianne is smart, bright, forthright, strategic, effective, empathetic, and one of the most stay-on-top-of-things professionals I have worked with in a long time. She not only stays on top of your case, she quickly communicates updates to you within minutes of receiving them. She is REAL with her clients and walks her talk. As she succinctly posted on her professional FB page earlier, “when you want a fair and amicable settlement… When you need guidance and advocacy…” I concur Julianne is the one you want to guide you through the legal process you have before you. Her paralegal rocks, too.”

-Gloria B