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Post-Decree Modifications And Enforcement Attorney

Upon the issuance of a divorce decree, the court will issue family law orders covering child support, spousal maintenance, custody and parenting time. These orders will stay in effect until the court issues new orders. The court may do so if it has presented evidence that a significant change in circumstances has occurred.

At Markiewicz Law Office, P.A., in White Bear Lake, we provide diligent representation in modification and enforcement matters. We work hard to achieve results for our clients in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner. Our law firm can help you in legal family and divorce matters throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Twin Cities metro area.

Contact us for help with:

  • Modifications of child support
  • Modifications of spousal maintenance
  • Modifications of custody and parenting time
  • Proposed child relocations
  • Enforcement of family law orders

Modifying The Amount Of Child Support Or Spousal Maintenance

When a parent’s income increases or decreases, the time the child spends with each parent changes, or another significant event occurs such as unexpected medical expenses for a child, a parent can seek a modification of child support agreements. Similarly, an increase or decrease in one party’s income can provide sufficient grounds for modifying a spousal maintenance order.

In most cases, Markiewicz Law Office, P.A., can accomplish this for a reasonable fee, though there are exceptions. Attorney Julianne Markiewicz can review your case and discuss your options in a free consultation.

Modifying Custody And Parenting Time

Let’s say a parent’s work schedule has changed, making the existing custody and visitation arrangements unworkable or inconvenient. In this situation, it may be possible to negotiate a change in the arrangements, subject to approval by the court.

A teenage child may voice a preference regarding what parent he or she lives with. A child may want to live with the other parent to attend a certain school or for other reasons. Our firm can represent you regarding these and other proposed changes in custody and parenting time arrangements.

When A Parent Does Not Comply With A Family Law Order

Reasons a parent may seek to enforce a family law order include:

  • A payer of child support or spousal maintenance is in arrears.
  • A payer hides income for the purposes of minimizing child support or spousal maintenance.
  • A person responsible for paying support or maintenance intentionally works at a job beneath his or her capabilities.
  • A parent fails to comply with a custody or visitation order or delays the transfer of a child to the other parent in violation of an order.
  • A parent with joint custody plans to move the child to a distant location.

Our firm represents parents aggressively in enforcement actions. Let us put our advocacy skills to work for you.

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Call Markiewicz Law Office, P.A., at 651-964-6167 or contact us online to discuss modifying or enforcing a family law order. We represent parents in St. Paul, Minneapolis, the Twin Cities area and elsewhere in Minnesota.