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Protecting Your Rights And Assets

In most instances of divorce, the property settlement becomes the critical foundation for securing your financial future. It is essential that your rights are protected during the divorce process.

“It makes no sense to argue over a few dollars. It does make sense to argue over tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars. I will be your strong advocate, working hard to protect your rights and your assets.” — Julianne Markiewicz

At Markiewicz Law Office, P.A., in White Bear Lake, we provide vigorous representation in all aspects of property division. We can give you the advocacy you need at this time. Contact us today. We handle cases throughout St. Paul, Minneapolis and across the Twin Cities metro area.

Equitable Division Of Marital Assets And Debts

In Minnesota, marital assets (those acquired during the marriage and through inheritance and certain gifts) are divided on an equitable, but not necessarily equal, basis. It sounds easy enough, but in practice, there can be many complications. Separate assets must be identified and valued and the origin of commingled assets must be traced. This task tends to become more difficult the longer a couple has been married.

Let’s say a couple combined their separate assets to buy a house. Over time, they make improvements using both separate and marital assets and the house appreciates in value significantly. How does this tangled web get sorted out? Other questions arise regarding the value of marital assets contained in retirement accounts or pensions. What about the equitable value of antiques and collectibles?

Attorney Julianne Markiewicz understands how to identify separate assets, trace the transformation of separate assets into marital assets and place a value on the marital portion of an estate. She will represent you tenaciously in settlement negotiations or, if necessary, at trial.

Experienced In Divorce Cases Involving Complex Assets

While our family matters firm represents clients of all income levels, we have considerable experience in divorce cases involving high-asset and high-income couples. When necessary, we can call upon experts in appropriate disciplines, such as accountants, business valuation specialists and appraisers. The decisions made early in a divorce case can greatly affect the size of a property settlement. Markiewicz Law Office, P.A., will do everything it can to obtain a fair property settlement for you.

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