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Vigorous Representation In Child Relocation Cases

When the parents of a child share joint custody, one parent cannot simply move with the child to a distant location without court approval. The parents can either reach some sort of accommodation subject to approval by the court, or a judge will make a decision based on the evidence presented. In both situations, the court will make its decision based on what it perceives to be the “best interest” of the child.

If the removal of your child is imminent, we can file for an emergency order. If granted, this will compel the other parent to keep the child here until the court makes a decision or else be found in contempt. Contact us for the helpful counsel your family needs.

At Markiewicz Law Office, P.A., we understand the intense emotions, anger and uncertainty that child relocation cases can generate. We are fierce advocates for our clients’ parental rights and aggressively seek to achieve their family matter goals. With extensive experience representing parents on both sides of these disputes, we have the advocacy skills you need.

From offices in White Bear Lake, we represent parents throughout Minnesota, including St. Paul, Minneapolis and the Twin Cities area.

Aggressive Child Custody Attorney

Julianne Markiewicz has earned a strong reputation for her advocacy skills in child custody and parental visitation cases. When you come to our offices in White Bear Lake to discuss your case, Julianne will listen closely, help you understand the factors that will affect the outcome and provide an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of your case. Julianne will also discuss potential legal costs, which could include studies by a child psychologist or behavioral experts. She will then develop a legal strategy designed to achieve your goals.

Be advised that you have to work hard during the legal process as well, providing information to the court in support of your case and the benefits your child will enjoy by remaining close to you.

“During my many years of trial practice, I have been called a pit bull and a heavy hitter. Opposing attorneys have likened my tactical methods to those of a street fighter. I will fight for your parental rights every step of the way.” Julianne Markiewicz

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