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Divorce For Same-Sex Couples In Minnesota

The dissolution of marriage can be complicated and emotional for any couple. For same-sex couples, it can often be more complex because of the different marriage laws. With the legalization of same-sex marriage in Minnesota in 2013, many couples find that they were living together and functioning like a married couple before their union was recognized by the state.

However, same-sex marriage is only acknowledged when it became legal, not when a couple begins living as if they are legally married. This means that different rules apply to property acquired before and after the legal marriage.

There can also be different circumstances when it comes to the children of same-sex couples. Though your family may function with two active and equal parents, second-parent adoption or families with only one legal parent can complicate your divorce more.

Finding A Solution That Works For You

As you and your partner discuss divorce with attorney Julianne Markiewicz, she will assist you in evaluating your situation and finding a solution that will allow you the smoothest transition. With the legal complications that come with same-sex dissolution, many couples decide to use mediation to come to an agreement. However, in some cases, litigation is necessary.

Julianne Markiewicz is a highly experienced family law attorney. She understands the stressful circumstances you are going through and brings her skill to help you move forward. With a long history of successful litigation, Ms. Markiewicz is not afraid to fight for what you need.

Representing Your Family

Putting your divorce in the hands of a professional is the best way to protect yourself and your family. We will walk you through every aspect of the legal process, including issues involving children, the division of property and changes to agreements post-divorce.

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