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Divorce is not only a time of turmoil and uncertainty, but it can also be a time of hope and positive expectations.

At Markiewicz Law Office, P.A., in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, we provide compassionate advice and results-oriented divorce and family law representation. We guide our clients through the divorce process, help them make informed decisions, and resolve problems involving children, property and support.

Though we represent people from all walks of life and income levels, we do have considerable experience in divorces involving high-asset and for high-income couples. Whatever your circumstances, we encourage you to contact us today.

“I want to help you resolve your issues in the most positive manner possible, so that you can make a successful transition to life after divorce.” Julianne Markiewicz

Representing People In St. Paul, Minneapolis And The Entire Twin Cities Area

Julianne Markiewicz has earned a strong reputation as a divorce and family law attorney. She takes a practical approach to such issues, seeking solutions that enable her clients to move forward in their lives. Sometimes this involves negotiating fair and workable solutions to child custody, child support, spousal maintenance and division of property issues. In cases involving contentious disputes over children and property, however, Julianne Markiewicz is prepared to engage in aggressive litigation to protect her clients’ rights and interests.

Don’t Get Divorced At Home

Some couples try to work out the specific details of their future living arrangements, child custody issues and division of assets and debts before speaking with a lawyer. Others try a “do-it-yourself” divorce by purchasing legal documents and filing them in court themselves. These people are putting themselves in jeopardy and losing the protections provided under Minnesota law. The mistakes made in these efforts can make it more difficult and costly to ultimately achieve a fair settlement.

If you are thinking about getting divorced, talk to us first. In a free consultation, attorney Julianne Markiewicz can review your situation, explain the divorce process and discuss the steps you should take prior to serving notice of your divorce petition. The actions you take at this critical time can lay the basis for a better life after divorce.

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